The Role of the Mindful Mentor in Transforming Leadership
This article highlights the hidden role of mentorship within transformational leadership development - and explores how mentors can act as useful guides through a leader's rites of passage.
The Role of the Mindful Mentor.pdf
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The 'S' Factor - Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of our Work as Coaches
Transformational coaching engages the whole person of the coach, not least their spiritual awareness and intelligence. How do coaches share and learn from each other's practice in this regard?
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Building Internal Supervision Capability within Organisations
Coaching culture must be supported by timely and accessible supervision. This article shares learning from designing a unique programme aimed at building supervision within a range of organisations.
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Engaging the Internal Coach
Organisations which fail to engage with the range of motivations and needs of internal coaches will fail to tap into coaching's full potential, or create a dynamic coaching ethos.
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How do I know if I'm doing a good job?
What tells coaches whether they are really making a positive difference, and how can they partner effectively with the coachee to evaluate the impact of coaching?
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Making Time to Coach
How do internal coaches manage themselves effectively to make time and space to coach?
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Working with Energy
How coaches work with the flow of energy in their coachees.
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Developing Coaching Agility
How coaches adapt their style and approach tyo work fluidly with different goals and needs for coaching.
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Coaching with Culture in Mind
How coaches adapt their style to take into account the different cultural preferences of the coachee.
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