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Coach Supervision

My model of supervision is described in my chapter 'The Self in Supervision' in 'Coaching and Mentoring Supervision: Theory and Practice' by Bachkirova, Jackson and Clutterbuck, and describes a person-centred, holistic and non-prescriptive approach which places particular emphasis on the self as instrument, as well as the self-care and reflective practices which coaches need to develop for themselves in order to keep their practice well oxygenated, life-giving, grounded and connected to their source.

Whilst I hold an approach to supervision which is about developing the coach's own authentic practice, I believe this also means being accountable to professional ethics and standards. I'm
accredited as a supervisor via The OCM's Advanced Certificate in Coach-Mentoring Supervision (distinction). My supervisees are often in the process of completing various accreditations for themselves, and this can form part of the supervision content if relevant.

I offer both individual and group supervision, face to face and on skype. I aim to create packages which are tailored to the individual or group of coach's specific needs, availability and finances. I like to make sure that before entering an agreement that the coach(s) gain a clear sense of how I will work, and whether it will be compatible to their needs. After all - it's all about a good working relationship. 


'I have benefitted immensely from the work I have done with Katherine as my professional coaching supervisor. Meetings with her both build my confidence and self-belief, and challenge me to think more deeply and experiment more boldly in my coaching. She provides a tremendously safe space in which to explore the challenges of my coaching work, much of which is carried out in complex organisational settings. She listens acutely and attentively, and is a curious, and where necessary, insistent questioner. Her style combines stillness with warmth, and she models a creative, flexible and responsive coaching style which has enabled me to benefit both personally and professionally.'


'Without question, Katherine is one of the reasons I′ve remained committed to finishing my coaching qualification, which has come at one of the most challenging points in my life. Katherine has a quiet, unassuming style that is both supportive and empowering. I would always feel intact, valued for my effort and inspired to try again. She has also been incredibly patient whilst I′ve wrestled with the concept of there not being a  right way to do things and has encouraged me to see other perspectives in a situation. She remains true to her wish to be present and offer a safe space, and always role-modelled this in our sessions. Katherine has made some quiet observations which have been some of the best feedback I have ever received - for being timely, relevant and non-judgmental. Her encouragement over the last few weeks has given me an incredible lift.'

'Just two lines to tell you that my team coaching went very well. Owing to our conversation, I felt calm, serene and at the same time full of enthusiasm in the perspective of exchanging experience and learning's with other people. Usually, I open the day by sending a tornado of energy that can wake up a "mummy" but that can also been experienced as very harsh and intrusive. This time, I introduced myself and the programme with a gentle, easy going approach. I think it transmitted my positive energy and genuine "pleasure/interest" for working with them during the day. I feel I had the quality of presence that is more in line with the person I am today. I was not looking as I used to for feedback of approval but I felt 'ok' with bringing the value of " who I am" and my difference. So you see, that I immediately put in practice the outcome of our supervision.'

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