EvolutionOD Coaching and Organisation Development
EvolutionODCoaching and Organisation Development

Life and Career Coaching


If you're at a cross-roads, or transitioning between roles, or feeling stuck with life or career, I can support you in:


  • Understanding your true motivations and drivers – and translating them into reality
  • Understanding your most genuine and impactful contribution to the world – and balancing how to achieve this in a way which adds genuine value, AND satisfies what you need
  • Working creatively with your immediate opportunities and networks, and build the opportunities and networks of the future
  • Transitioning from your current stage of being, to your next stage of evolution
  • Leaving behind what you need to leave behind
  • Being truly content with your legacy
  • Finding and living your purpose


"In my 30 years of corporate life, including 15 years in senior HR roles, I've had mixed experiences of the coaching profession. A few of the coaches I encoutered were outstanding, a few, quite frankly, terrible, but the vast majority were decidedly mediocre. I was therefore extremely fortunate to close out the corporate chapter of my life and open a fresh clean page with Katherine's wise and expert support. I think the essence of outstanding coach, beyond of course complete mastery of the fundamental skills and knowledge, is to be able to provoke and steer a dialogue that is both broad and deep, focused and limitless, uncomfortable and secure, fresh and familiar, experimental and structured, and finally reflective and action-oriented. If this was not challenging enough, a great coach keeps the dialogue rooted in the needs of the coachee and is prepared to push themself well beyond their own comfort zone to enable progress. My sense is that given the scale of the challenge it is not at all surprising that many individuals who coach never succeed in real mastery. It was therefore my privilege to work with Katherine who did all of the above, and more, and in doing so led me to an appreciation of the profession that I never previously had."


“I have enjoyed a coaching relationship with Katherine for some time and I have found
her to be most valuable. Katherine holds a truly safe space for me to empty my head and through her sophisticated approach and challenge she helps me to make sense of my experiences,  thoughts and feelings so that I can develop and shape my learning.”

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