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Mindfulness at Work


I offer a form of mindfulness training called 'Focusing' which originates in the work of Gene Gendlin, colleague of Carl Rogers, the father of Person Centred Psychology. Gendlin, who is still alive today developed 'The Philosophy of the Implicit' which proposes that in modern life we too frequently substitute measures for reality. Rather than tuning into what he calls a 'felt sense' - a somatic/embodied sense of 'knowing', we rely instead on collected data and measurements as substitutes. He uses the 'Xeno's arrow paradox' (which apparently 'proves' that an arrow in flight can never land) to illustrate the limitations of only relying on measurement - what he calls 'unitary thinking' - thinking dominated by units of measure.


Whilst the provenance of 'Focusing' differs from the majority of mindfulness approaches widely available today, and does not have a specific Eastern origin, it has been embraced by the Buddhist Triratna Order as a valid form of spiritual practice, and is also widely embraced within the Quaker community. Whilst it can be interpreted as a spiritual practice, its language is accessible to the majority of individuals.


A comment about the name - 'Focusing' might suggest a practice of intense concentration - but in fact Gendlin's intent in choosing this name was rather to suggest the reality and truths which come into focus when we learn to still mind and body, and accept, rather than fight or hide what is within our immediate experience. Focusing practice is at heart based in an attitude of non-judgmental acceptance and gentle curiosity. The paradox of change is that when we allow something to become fully present within our experience, we give it the wings to more forward and become what it wants to be - releasing what Gendlin calls 'life-forward energy'.


Focusing may be taught on an individual or group basis, face to face or virtually.



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