Feedback on workshop at EMCC Paris conference on Coaching and Spirituality


'Wonderful,peaceful and centred.'

'So good and so new and so brave - brilliant. Thank you so much for having this work.

Truly engaging through her authenticity and readiness to be open. Katherine has been courageous in bringing this important topic to the conference. Deep and broad thinking and study.'

'Very thought provoking. Calling us coaches to action to include spiritual aspects to our coaching and talk about it.'

'It was good to feel really present.'

'Beautiful, living the word. Massive antidote.'


Feedback on a coaching demonstration at EMCC UK conference on Use of Metaphor

'Easy style. Uncluttered. Thought provoking'

'Powerful live session. Fantastic to get to see different styles of coaching / approaches /techniques'

'Very powerful andbrave session "like a hanging suspension bridge"'

'Like a glass of Rioja by a log fire – warming and interesting – and life affirming'

'Style: clear, precise, illuminating. A great session, well managed and illustrating the power of metaphor in coaching'

'Clear, concise, courageous. Modelling the technique – excellent'

'Style: natural, clear, evoking passion. Relevance: part of my coaching model – person centred. A beacon (light, strong, professional, potential) for coaches to focus on
simplicity and authenticity'

'Very insightful and powerful for the coachee and the audience!'


Feedback from Coaching Clients


"In my 30 years of corporate life, including 15 years in senior HR roles, I've had mixed experiences of the coaching profession. A few of the coaches I encoutered were outstanding, a few, quite frankly, terrible, but the vast majority were decidedly mediocre. I was therefore extremely fortunate to close out the corporate chapter of my life and open a fresh clean page with Katherine's wise and expert support. I think the essence of outstanding coach, beyond of course complete mastery of the fundamental skills and knowledge, is to be able to provoke and steer a dialogue that is both broad and deep, focused and limitless, uncomfortable and secure, fresh and familiar, experimental and structured, and finally reflective and action-oriented. If this was not challenging enough, a great coach keeps the dialogue rooted in the needs of the coachee and is prepared to push themself well beyond their own comfort zone to enable progress. My sense is that given the scale of the challenge it is not at all surprising that many individuals who coach never succeed in real mastery. It was therefore my privilege to work with Katherine who did all of the above, and more, and in doing so led me to an appreciation of the profession that I never previously had."


'Katherine has helped me to significantly increase my turnover and achieve my annual target and has helped me focus on the progression of my business and life. Meeting her each month means that I must set time aside to think about where my life and business are going. By doing this I am driving my life, not the other way around. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. It is the best money that I spent in


'I am confident that I am not over-stating the case when I say that just one coaching session with Katherine revolutionised the way I work. Talking with someone who can view one's situation completely objectively is at once both refreshing and incredibly helpful. What Katherine does is help you to take a step back from your situation and develop a sense of perspective, from which you can more easily plan the way forward.'


'The time spent together is very focused - it gives me insight into my thought processes and has helped me to identify clear strategies for the future development of the Mustard Tree Project. Katherine has shown real discernment and understanding of my role in the workplace. The benefit of coaching to me obviously impacts positively on our staff team and the residents at the Mustard Tree Project.'


'The coaching has helped me to take some time out of a hectic work schedule to reflect on what has been happening and what I really want to be doing.'


'I have found it has been very positive, both in terms of my self-development and because it makes me give myself time for reflection on issues I might otherwise try to avoid dealing with.'



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